Pavlakis Beach, Apartments & Villas. Let us take you to the magic of Crete
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Ever wish you could have a dream vacation that has it all?

Hello to all my friends! I'm looking forward to seeing you in 2018!
And to my new guests who will also become my friends, I invite you to come and experience Antonio's Crete!"

Antonios Pavlakis

Pavlakis Beach, Apartments & Villas Time here is not the same as elsewhere . . . so come with us to this island of mystery, magic and dreams. Pavlakis Beach Apartments & Villas in Western Crete is the destination for those who want it all!!! Enjoy the ocean, pool and beautiful beach in the amazing comfort of these charming apartments that overflow in Cretan charm with Antonios Pavlakis as your host.

Antonis Pavlakis
This will be truly a journey of discovery . . . Antonios is passionate about his island and has a wealth of knowledge on things to do, places to eat, sites to visit off the beaten track - where even in the smallest villages he seems to have a friend or relative and is invariably on first name terms with the local taverna owner! If you are very lucky, Antonios will delight you with stories of a personal and intimate history of his island, and if you ask or show an interest in a place or area, he will organize your excursion in his own car, arrange a taxi or give you a detailed explanation of what to see, when to go and how to get there!

Scenery of Crete
There is something about Crete . . . it has known the civilizations of ancient days and has retained its simplicity to remain unchanged by the modern world. The essence of Crete . . . timeless . . . serene . . . beautiful.

Groves of orange trees
Groves of olive trees, orchards of orange trees, golden beaches waiting to be walked, mountains shooting up from the sea, lush wooded gorges, ravines valleys and plains, traditional villages, archeological sites, monasteries and churches, succulent cuisine and people who offer you the most friendly hospitality you have ever experienced.

So in this tradition of hospitality we welcome you and promise you unforgettable dreams . . .

"If you would like to consider a longer term stay in Crete, without renting your own flat/apartment, consider staying at Pavlakis Beach. Fully equipped studios with an ideal location! Contact Gail at for reasonable pricing (including car)."

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